Roundtable Discussion “Restoring Water Supply in Ukraine: Humanitarian Aid and Long-Term Solutions”


In collaboration with ECHO Kyiv and People In Need, we organized a roundtable discussion on “Restoring Water Supply in Ukraine: Humanitarian Aid and Long-Term Solutions.”

The event took place on January 31, 2024. Together with water industry experts, representatives of relevant organizations, government officials, and donors, we discussed crucial issues, challenges, and potential solutions. During the event, participants:

  • Discussed the water supply situation in wartime conditions.
  • Identified needs and challenges in emergency response and potential long-term solutions.
  • Discussed the policies and plans of the Government of Ukraine regarding water supply restoration.
  • Evaluated available resources and funding mechanisms.
  • Discussed improving coordination and involving local communities.
  • Shared experiences and acquired knowledge.
  • Reached agreements on further collaborative actions.

Among the participants were Mykhailo Yanchuk, the Head of the State Agency for Water Resources; Vasyl Shkurakov, the First Deputy Minister of Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure of Ukraine; Olena Krynoruchkina, Deputy Head of the Committee on Environmental Policy in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; Vitaliy Zhuk, a specialist in the protection and restoration of water resources and marine ecosystems (Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine); and David Alford from UNICEF (WASH Cluster Coordinator), among others. This is not an exhaustive list of participants.

Watch the recording of the meeting:



In response to an official appeal from the executive committee of Mirove Village Council in the Nikopol district of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, UWA took immediate action to ensure an adequate supply of quality drinking water for the local population. Initially, assistance was provided to the Myrivska community of the Nikopol district starting from November 13, 2023. Subsequently, a similar request was received from the executive committee of Tomakivska Village Council, prompting us to extend water support to this community as well, starting from November 21.

This project has been made possible through the financial support of the private humanitarian foundation, the Amed Khan Foundation. Amed Khan personally visited the Tomakivska community on December 13 to witness the ongoing process. During his visit, he also met with the head of the Tomakivska community, sampled the water provided to the Ukrainian residents, and ensured the effectiveness of the initiative.

Our water delivery operations cover the following routes:

− Zaporizhzhia to Myrove;

− Zaporizhzhia to Myrove to Topila;

− Zaporizhzhia to Myrove to Nastasivka to Zorya;

− Zaporizhzhia to Tomakivka.

As of November 2023, a total of 120,000 liters of water have been successfully delivered, and in the first part of December, an additional 64,000 liters have already reached their destination. A further 130,000 liters are planned for delivery by the end of the month.

To facilitate this crucial initiative, we have engaged a skilled driver from Zaporizhzhia. Amed Khan had the opportunity to meet with the driver during his visit to ensure a smooth coordination of the water delivery process. This collaborative effort is a testament to the commitment to addressing the urgent water needs of the affected communities in the Nikopol district.

In November 2023, 120,000 liters of water were delivered, and for the first part of December, 64,000 liters have already been delivered. The plan is to deliver an additional 130,000 liters by the end of the month.


Annual General Meeting: Report for the First 3 Months of Operation


On Monday, December 4th, the Annual General Meeting of UWA was held. The President of the Association, Dmytro Teslya, provided a report on the first 3 months of operation.

During this period, numerous meetings were held with international and Ukrainian representatives from the water sector, as well as with officials to advance the development of UWA and explore potential collaborations. Some of the key activities include:

  • Meeting with Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Butenko. A memorandum of cooperation will soon be signed.
  • Meeting with Deputy Minister of Ecology Oleksandr Krasnolutsky, with hopes for fruitful collaboration. Meetings also took place with WASH Cluster, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UNICEF, and others.
  • Participation in Aqua Ukraine 2023, where the current situation in Ukraine’s water sector and UWA’s activities were presented.
  • Signing a memorandum of cooperation with the Mayor’s Club and conducting a webinar on water issues in communities.
  • Attracting a private donor, “Amed Khan,” enabling the provision of water to the communities of Myrivska and Tomakivska in Dnipropetrovsk.
  • Development of a project for the installation of reverse osmosis systems for facilities in Dnipropetrovsk affected by the terrorist attack on the Kakhovska HPP.

During the meeting, changes to the statute were approved, and the governing body, the Association Council, was formed, with members elected.

  • The association’s president is Dmytro Teslya;
  • “Nerex” – Artem Shyra;
  • “NU “IRTWV” – Oleksandr Kravchenko;
  • “Wasserkraft Bureau” – Yevhen Kun;
  • “Grundfos Ukraine” – Oleksiy Andriyashchenko;
  • “LVT Engineering” – Marina Lizunova;
  • Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation – Mykhailo Yatsyuk.

At the end of the meeting, UWA’s financial consultant, Lyudmyla Mishchuk, presented a report on the expenses and revenues of UWA for the first 3 months of operation.

The Meriv Club and UMEDA have signed memoranda of cooperation with UWA


The Meriv Club hosted a conference on ‘Reconstruction and Economic Development of Communities.’ During the event, President of UWA, Dmytro Teslia, discussed the Association’s goals and the current challenges in the water sector in Ukraine.

Two Memoranda of Cooperation were signed during the event:

  • With the NGO Meriv Club.
  • With the LLC Ukrainian Municipal Economic Development Agency (UMEDA).

As part of this collaboration, there are plans to establish a cluster of water equipment manufacturers in one of Ukraine’s communities. Subsequently, the experience and technologies gained will be easily transferable to other communities.


Water supply for Myrivska and Tomakivska communities


Thanks to the support of the private humanitarian fund ‘Amed Khan,’ we have initiated water supply to communities in Dnipropetrovsk region facing water shortages. Specifically, this involves the Myrivska and Tomakivska communities.

From October 13 to October 21, 2023, our water tanker delivered 10 tons of water daily to the residents of the Myrivska community. Starting from October 21, 2023, 5 tons were allocated to the Myrivska community, and another 5 tons were provided to the Tomakivska community.

Additionally, as part of this project, water quality analysis is planned for these communities.