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About UWA

Ukrainian Water Association (UWA) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to addressing water resource management issues in Ukraine and providing humanitarian assistance in ensuring citizens’ access to drinking water.

UWA’s area of interest encompasses all water resources in Ukraine involved in the natural water cycle: water for agriculture, industrial water, drinking water, municipal water, wastewater, water reuse, rainwater, runoff water, ‘green’ water, ‘virtual’ water, and all other types of water participating in the natural water cycle.

UWA is a public platform for seeking answers to complex water-related questions and their solutions. Our platform is open to all who care – experts, business representatives, government officials, and active citizens willing to engage in transparent collaboration.

Our Goals

Our Assistance to the Population of Ukraine in Water Supply and Sanitation

Elimination of corruption in the water sector. Preparation of legislative initiatives for the implementation of transparent market mechanisms in water resource management.

Implementation of drinking water supply, wastewater management, and sewage treatment in all settlements.

Development of effective communication with government authorities to receive requests and provide responses.

Establishment of an effective decision-making tool in the water sector. Construction of an independent discussion platform that will shape a consolidated expert opinion on water resource management.

Building a competitive and transparent market in the water sector of Ukraine and protecting business interests.

Launch of a state geoinformation system for online monitoring of the water sector in Ukraine.

Additional services for businesses - legal support, assistance in participation, and free access to tenders, protection against unlawful actions of government bodies.

Objective 2023

Developing a strategy for the restoration of the Kakhovka Reservoir and the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station

Attracting international and Ukrainian experts to address all issues, taking into account local peculiarities and successful experiences from other countries (Israel, Australia, USA)

Ensure temporary supply of drinking water and water for sanitation in the regions affected by military aggression through humanitarian organizations, businesses, and private donors

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